Cheap Diapers and Nappies Ecobimbi allow you to save money in your family budget. Washable, Cheap Ecobimbi Diapers are sold on line. Production of Cheap Diapers for New born babies and Children in Tuscany, at Pistoia.

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Our Ecobimbi Products


Ecobimbi produces and trades washable diapers in cotton, and other products for the infancy world.

The Ecobimbi Ecological and Washable Diaper is available in two versions: unique size and exact size. The Nappies are made up of two parts:

• outside is an Ecodry Pants, washable and breathable in the same time, available in 5 sizes;

• inside is the part in cotton, 100% natural, not bleached cotton.

The 'unique size' model is adjustable in its height and width, thanks to a simple velcro system.

Cheap Ecobimbi Diapers and Nappies for New Born Babies and Children


The Ecobimbi Cheap Diapers for Children and New Born Babies are light, allergy-free and soft and can be easily washed in a washing machine.

The inner core, hyper absorbing, is in cotton fibres or in microfiber, depending on the models.

The diaper is to be used along with the faeces-collecting veil (100% cotton, perfectly biodegradable) which allow the cotton to remain clean.

All Ecobimbi products are visible on our on line catalogue.

High absorbing capacity

Washable Ecological Ecobimbi Diapers can boast a good absorbing capacity of about 350 ml.

Practical and easy to wash

The Ecobimbi Diaper can be easily washed in a washing machine at a water temperature of 30/60C.

The normally requested time to dry is about 6 hours.

Ecobimbi Nappies can also be dried in a clothes dryer.


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