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Keeping your Child Healthy


The paper / cellulose of disposable diapers which comes into contact with the child's skin is treated and bleached through chemical substances which inevitably remain in contact whith the skin nearly 24 hours a day, and bring about specific hypersensibility.

Within disposable diapers a temperature of 1,1C higher than the child's skin can be recorder: this warmth, in addition to the treatment which materials undergo, and their excessive absorbing capacity (they can also absorb phisiological humidity) are certainly the reason of the reddening of the skin and diaper erythemas.

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The use of technical materials (Ecodry pants) and of cotton diapers enable a free air circulation, and guarantee a physiological and healthy temperature, and are the only valid proposal for those children who are affected by candida or serious dermatitis.

Ecobimbi Diapers and Nappies for Children help the anatomical growth of your Child

The Washable Diaper Ecobimbi guarantees a posture with naturally wide apart legs, helping a healthy hip growth.


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