Diapers and Nappies for New Born Babies in Tuscany, Italy. On Line Store for Diapers Ecobimbi, at Pistoia

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Ecobimbi is a dynamic company, ready to consider each day new ideas and proposals.

We are glad to be in contact and find common solutions with local administrative authorities (city halls, provinces, regions) and with various Associations such as A.N.F.M. Ass. Naz. Famiglie Numerose (Association of Large Families), Caritas, and so on.

Through our projects we try and spread our love and attention for the environment, which can be found in any daily activity, such as children care and a real help to familes from local authorities.

Diapers for New Born Babies Ecobimbi

Ecobimbi Diapers are made in natural, anallergic products.

They are available in unique size or in various sizes.

We invite you to visit our product catalogue and our on line store, and are available for any further information.



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