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Our Environment


Children Diapers are one of the critical aspects of waste disposal.

According to a research at the Kiel University (Germany), for each child the following materials are wasted: • 28 cubic meters of drain water;

• 208 kg of non-renewable raw materials;

• 361 kg of renewable raw materials;

• a land surface of over 76.000 acres

In practice: 8900 Megajoules of energy are lost.

Ecological Diapers Ecobimbi


Anyway, an alternative solution is possible with Ecobimbi Diapers: • 1000 kg wastes in three years are avoided;

• From 1500 to 2000 Euros per child are saved;

• Less then 50% of water is used;

• only one eight of non-renewable raw materials are used;

• 90% less of renewable raw materials and a third of energy are used;

• soil surface used is from 4 to 30 times lower.

The negative impact on the Environment of Disposable Diapers

In the first three years of life of your child up to 1.000 kg of non-recyclable waste is produced if disposable diapers are used to 'handle' is or her physiological needs.

This should lead us to practical and environmental considerations, as the use of Ecological, Washable Ecobimbi Diapers enables us to save a remarkable amount of money in the growth of our child.


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