Washable Ecological Diapers and Nappies Ecobimbi. On line Sale of Washable Cloth Diapers for new born babies and children. Production of Washable Nappies for shops and supermarkets

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Washable and Ecological Diapers and Nappies Ecobimbi


Ecobimbi produces and sells Washable Ecological Diapers, two vital aspects to respect and protect the world where your child has been born, and to defend your home budget.

The features of the Ecobimbi Nappies make them an ideal item in its practical usage, and enable you to save money on a remarkable expenditure in the growth of your baby..


Respecting the Environment


The Ecobimbi Ecological and Washable Diapers are our engagement to respect the environment.

The materials used and the production techniques envolved guarantee a zero-impact on environment and nature.

Diapers and Nappies have a strong impact on garbage collection and recycling. Ecobimbi Diapers are a solution to this problem, a measure which you can adopt to help reduce the huge number of tonns of garbage which have to be recycled each year, a solution which will turn out to be practical and economical immediately.


Buy our Diapers Test Kit

Ecobimbi invites you to test its products, and propose you all it takes to test our main product: the Washable, Ecological Diaper / Nappy Ecobimbi. In the kit are included:

• 5 diapers in natural cotton

• 1 Ecodry waterproof underpants, white, size of your choice

• 1 set of 50 tissues to protect the diaper


Baby Cloth Diapers and Underpants

The Ecodry waterproof Underpants is the normal matching item to the Ecobimbi Ecological Diapers:

• Perfect wearability, with velcro

• Diaper covering to avoid leaks

• The tissue does not warm up or irritate the skin



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