Saving money on Diapers is possible with Low Cost Diapers Ecobimbi. Washable Diapers and Nappies Ecobimbi, for new born babies and children are cheap, economical and practical to use.

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How much money can we save by using Ecobimbi Diapers?


By using Ecobimbi Diapers a family can save up to 70% as compared to the expenditure on disposable diapers, in three years.

The average cost of diapers and nappies varyes from Eur 1600 to Eur 2300, depending on the brand used.

If you choose Ecological, Washable Ecobimbi Diapers, your family can spend about Eur 450 * from the first day of life of your child to the period when he or she will start using the potty. Moreover, you can be sure to be using the best product for your son or daughter.

* equivalent to 20 unique size diapers, 6 Ecodry waterproof pants and about 1200 veils.

Saving money: not just respect for the Environment and a practical use

The regular use of Ecobimbi Washable Diapers helps saving money in your family budget.

For more detailed information, beyond prices, which you can see in our on line sale website, you can contact us on our phone number +39 0753 51160.


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