Ecological, Washable Diapers and Nappies Ecobimbi are available for on line sale or direct sale. Production of Made in Italy Washable Diapers. Washable Nappies for New Born Babies at Pistoia, in Tuscany, Italy

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Who we are


Ecobimbi produces Washable Diapers for Children and New born babies. Ecobimbi is our company and our family, too!

Our work has two aims:

1) Respecting and protecting the Environment and Nature where we live;

2) Producing a higly technological Diaper which is capable of meeting the quality standards requested by families nowadays.

Washable Diapers for New Born Babies and Children


For this reason, given the pressing need in our country to reduce waste production, we have had the idea of producing a high-quality diaper for children and new born babies, which can guarantee to mothers and children any standard of health and comfort, despite the absence of unfavourable ripercussions on the environment.

Washable Diapers: just another wonderful Italian idea

The idea, production and trading of Ecobimbi Ecological Diapers is just another Italian idea.

We believe that a Made in Italy product is a guarantee of quality, due to the great italian creativity and to the technological and sartorial traditions in our country.

Product considered as suitable from various organizations

Our Diapers have been considered suitable and qualified within the "green shopping" project by the cities of Reggio Emilia, Genova, Capannori and by the province of Turin, in addition to other organizations such as Carital, Ass. Comuni Virtuosi (Association of Virtuous City Halls) and Ass. Famiglie Numerose (Association of Large Families).


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